ANGEA launches a major project on the global stage

The second half of 2023 was a very productive one for the Asia Natural Gas and Energy Association (ANGEA), punctuated by the launch of a major, multi-year research project at the APEC CEO Summit in San Francisco in November.

The Asia Pacific Cross Border Carbon Accreditation Study seeks to provide a whole-of-region framework to harmonise the accreditation or certification of CO2 emission reductions across borders and support the implementation of carbon capture and storage (CCS) value chains.

It’s an extremely exciting piece of work that we hope will become an important piece of a functioning, harmonised and trusted carbon market that operates effectively across Asia Pacific.

Asia cannot get to net zero without the support of the rest of the world and the world itself will not achieve net zero without great progress in Asia. At-scale implementation of CCS in Asia will be critical to the achievement of both global and regional decarbonisation aspirations.

The start of the second half of 2023 saw CEO Paul Everingham travel to Canada to attend LNG2023 and then head to Vietnam for ANGEA’s first in-person engagements in a country that had recently adopted plans outlining a clear role for gas in underpinning future low carbon energy systems. 

September brought the chance for ANGEA to attend a major industry conference on “home soil.” Singapore – where ANGEA is headquartered – hosted a very successful and impactful Gastech, attended by a record-breaking 44,957 energy industry professionals from around the world.

ANGEA member companies were strongly represented across the exhibition floor and on stage at Gastech and Paul had the opportunity to be part of a panel session at the event alongside representatives from Santos, Chart Industries, Baker Hughes and Worley.

Fittingly, given the major announcement that was to come at the APEC Summit, the session focussed on unlocking the potential of CCS across Asia. Not one panel member expressed a view that CCS might fail from a technical perspective but each agreed there was significant work to be undertaken to make the technology cost-effective at scale and to put in place policy measures and frameworks that would enable it to be rolled out widely.

ANGEA is an industry association representing LNG and natural gas producers, energy buyers, suppliers and companies in APAC. Based in Singapore, it works in partnership with governments and societies across the region to deliver reliable and secure energy solutions that achieve national economic, energy security, social and environmental objectives and meet global climate goals.