Gas is more important than ever for Asia’s energy transition.

Why LNG is so essential to Asia's energy future

Paul Everingham reflects on the US LNG export approvals pause and the negative long-term consequences it could have in Asia.

The 2023 energy year in review

Amid ongoing geopolitical tensions, 2023 has brought promising signs of pragmatism about energy but also fresh challenges to negotiate.

ANGEA on the ground

Mar 10-14 – ANGEA attended CERAWeek 2024 in Houston. Feb 6-9 – ANGEA attends India Energy Week in Goa.

Regional Energy Economic Snapshot

Demand for regional domestic and industrial energy forecast to grow by almost two-thirds by 2040.

Annual net import spend forecast at more than US$300 billion by 2040.

US$2.1 trillion in energy investment needed throughout the region.

US$425 billion investment required for natural gas supply infrastructure.

The right energy mix – balancing the needs for greater energy reliability and environmental outcomes.

Our Developing Role

Asia Pacific leaders – like most governments around the world – are looking for the most effective and economically responsible pathway to transition to a low carbon future.

Natural gas and other low carbon energy sources can play an important role in the region’s transition away from generating energy using high carbon fuels.