Energy transition: Natural gas and renewables for a low carbon future in Asia.

ANGEA on the ground

May 17 – ANGEA attending Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Summit, Bangkok. April 11 – ANGEA met with key Indonesian energy stakeholders, Jakarta.

How the world's gas can change Asia's energy mix

For more than 50 years, Asia has been able to rely on the global LNG market as a source of reliable and affordable energy.

ANGEA launches Rystad Study on Energy Security

The comprehensive study delves into the energy landscapes of three major Asian countries – Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Regional Energy Economic Snapshot

Demand for regional domestic and industrial energy forecast to grow by almost two-thirds by 2040.

Annual net import spend forecast at more than US$300 billion by 2040.

US$2.1 trillion in energy investment needed throughout the region.

US$425 billion investment required for natural gas supply infrastructure.

The right energy mix – balancing the needs for greater energy reliability and environmental outcomes.

Our Developing Role

Asia Pacific leaders – like most governments around the world – are looking for the most effective and economically responsible pathway to transition to a low carbon future.

Natural gas and other low carbon energy sources can play an important role in the region’s transition away from generating energy using high carbon fuels.