Energy transition: Natural gas and renewables for a low carbon future in Asia.

The ANGEA Pipeline

Early March – Houston, Texas, Paul Everingham attending CERA Week Mid-March – Paul Everingham speaking at AOG conference in Perth, Western Australia

A big year for energy transition, a vital role for ANGEA

CEO Paul Everingham analyses the energy transition landscape in Asia and outlines key priorities for ANGEA in 2023.

Introducing Asia Natural Gas & Energy Association

The Asia Natural Gas & Energy Association represents energy producers, buyers, suppliers and companies in Asia Pacific.

Regional Energy Economic Snapshot

Demand for regional domestic and industrial energy forecast to grow by almost two-thirds by 2040.

Annual net import spend forecast at more than US$300 billion by 2040.

US$2.1 trillion in energy investment needed throughout the region.

US$425 billion investment required for natural gas supply infrastructure.

The right energy mix – balancing the needs for greater energy reliability and environmental outcomes.

Our Developing Role

Asia Pacific leaders – like most governments around the world – are looking for the most effective and economically responsible pathway to transition to a low carbon future.

Natural gas and other low carbon energy sources can play an important role in the region’s transition away from generating energy using high carbon fuels.